EH Therapy NYC

About Me

My name is Endri Horanlli and I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). I have been practicing as a licensed social worker for over 5 years. I received my MSW from Hunter College with a focus on health and mental health, and have a BA in Psychology also from Hunter College.

I believe that therapy should be available to everyone as a tool to enhance their well-being. We focus so much on our physical health that we often forget how important our mental health is, and how much it can affect all areas of our lives, including our physical health. We all have the capacity for change, and together we can work on change that will lead to the goals you want to achieve for yourself. 


My Approach

I provide individual and couples psychotherapy that is tailored to meet your individual needs. My approach to helping begins with understanding and valuing a person's individuality and resilience. I firmly believe that we all have the ability to thrive. We all have the capacity for change, and change can be intimidating, yet necessary and rewarding. By understanding ourselves better and enhancing the skills that we already have, or finding new skills to cope with, we can achieve more positive outcomes in life. 

I believe that you know yourself better than anyone else in your life, and we will work together to help you understand YOU better and reach the potential that you may not be aware you have. I am a proponent in mindfulness and we can utilize mindfulness techniques in our work together. I am also certified in Problem Solving Therapy and trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma Focused CBT (TF-CBT), and Social Skills Training (SST).


Let's Be Mindful

In New York City, we are always in a rush. This includes almost everything we do--rushing to make it to work on time, catch the subway, rushing to eat, etc. It seems like we are always racing against time, and our thoughts are sometimes racing, to the point where we can get overwhelmed and lose focus of things that are important to and for us. This restlessness and anxiety can become detrimental to our overall health and well-being. We seem to have so many things to do and not enough time to do them, and often this is a big stressor for most of us.

I incorporate mindfulness techniques in my practice to help you slow down and become more effective. Mindfulness is more than just meditation, Buddhism, and Tibetan singing bowls. Mindfulness is more about being more conscious about things that we do, being present in the moment (think holding a piece of chocolate on your tongue to truly appreciate all the flavors instead of just quickly chewing and swallowing it). Together we can work on mindfulness techniques that are specific to your needs.


Face the Storm

We all have storms (challenging situations) that we face at some points in our lives. Many of us try to avoid the storm and think that once it passes, things will be better. We need to mimic the approach that buffalo have with storms. Unlike other animals, buffalo will charge directly into the storm and face it head-on. This actually helps with minimizing the pain and frustration that they experience from the storm. This can be seen as something that most of us don't do because things can seem overwhelming (like a storm). How many things have you put off, personally and professionally, because they seemed too daunting, and only became worse the more you put them off? Be a buffalo, learn to tackle things head on and do not avoid the storm, because more storms will be coming. Gain the strength and determination to face all storms as they approach.